Guest Art - Flute Boy by Hobermen
Posted May 24, 2019 at 10:28 am

Hello I'm back from some cons to bring you this fantastic guest art by the lovely Hobermen! (twitter / tumblr) They always draw Steven so good.

I'm not out of the woodwork of cons yet, I MCAF/FBDM this weekend in Montreal! If you're local feel free to stop by table 61, it's free entry. After that, though, that'll be IT and I'll be back to hunkering down on some chapter 20.

Also, the 22nd marked the 5th year anniversary of SanCirc, which is pretty nuts?!?! Here's to 5 years of this webcomic (and if you've been with me that long, serious kudos to you and thanks for sticking with me hahaha)

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