Attley Grimshaw (she/her)
Attley is naive, reckless, and stubborn, but she’s also loyal and determined. Empathizing with others isn’t a strong suit for her, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t try. She’s now trying to find answers about the city and, more importantly, about herself.
Fletch Gray (he/him)
Fletch acts cold and distant, but the reality is deep down has a good heart. He uses magic to shift into a seagull, which he has done so much now that his hair has become feathers, and has seagull features on his face.
Posey Morris (she/her)
Posey was Attley’s friend, but it turns out she had other motives. Although she looks like a young girl, she’s really one of the handful of Scarecrow that have returned to haunt the city. Just what does she want with Attley, though?
Sammy Talbot (he/him)
Sammy is, like Posey, one of the Scarecrow--creatures that use fear to target and feed on humans. Although he’s very powerful, he is pretty naive, and often is the one going along with someone else’s plan rather than his own.
Steven Anton-Frans (he/him)
Steven is one of the instrumen: instruments that have been given life to become like humans, with abilities and weapons to defend the city--in this case, a flute. He is very, very proud of himself--maybe a bit more than he should be…
Nimbus Owens (he/him), Bee (she/her), and Luth (they/them)
Nimbus is the heir to the city. After the death of the Director, he should be next in line but… he seems to be AWOL. Luth is another instruman, this time a cello. They are very cunning but also might like the sound of their own voice too much. Bee is a clown in Donovan Sparc’s Magical Circus, her sweet caring temper being enough to distract from the magical mishap that left her body disjointed.
Donovan Sparc (he/him), Tedley King (he/him), Miss Rios (she/they)
Sparc is an ex-shifter who runs the well-known Donovan Sparc’s Magical Circus. It seems, though, he has a little more to his backstory. Dr. Tedley King is a man who has ties all the way up to the Director, but perhaps has his hands in much more. Rios is the head of the Nameless Organization, an underground group that handles all things magic. She’s a little flighty and her curiosity usually gets the better of her.
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