THE SANITY CIRCUS is about a girl named Attley living in the very strange city of Sanity. Full of magic, monsters, and mystery, Attley is suddenly thrown into a dangerous situation when her friend turns out to be not quite human. Now she’s seeking answers, and running into other bizarre people with their own problems– like a boy who can turn into a seagull, clowns with disembodied limbs, and instruments who become people. Just what is happening in Sanity?

The comic contains some violence, body horror and mild swearing. It updates every Monday and Friday.

You can READ FROM THE BEGINNING here.  Need to catch up? The ARCHIVE is this way.  Or, if you’re still curious, check out the CAST

Tas Mukanik (she/they) is from Alberta, Canada and now lives in Montreal. She came up with this story in late 2013 and began it shortly after, in spring 2014. She really loves birds and dinosaurs. Find more of her art at tashamukanik.com
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