Happy 6 Years
Posted May 22, 2020 at 9:57 am

It's May 22--which means 6 years ago today, I posted the prologue for The Sanity Circus and began this comic's journey. It's been a ride since. I've never made it 20 chapters and over 500 pages into a comic before, and I've never had such lovely, enthusiastic readers like you guys. This comic began as a spark of inspiration during a time I was struggling, and it helped steer me to the path of a comic artist, a dream job I didn't think I was capable of doing. So, for all of this, I'd like to thank it and all of you. This comic has changed my life for the better.

Now, I'm going to continue being real with all of you: I had really wanted the next chapter to be started earlier, and to be fair it's completely written and ready to go. But a lot of things have happened with me the last couple months that have been very hard. My family at home is going through a lot of problems, and I'm not able to visit them. I lost my dog, who came into my life the same year I started this comic, and not being there to say goodbye to him was heartbreaking. I'm also in the middle of moving, which includes renovating the new place on top of navigating this pandemic. I always try to give an estimate of the date the comic will come back, even if I can't quite hit it, just to give some idea... but right now, I honestly can't give that date. There's a good chance once I move and settle into my new place I'll be able to get to work, but right now I just have no idea what life is going to throw at me. I hope you all can understand, and I'm very sorry. As I mentioned above, this comic means a lot to me, so no matter what, I promised myself to see it through to the end.

Hope you are all doing well and keeping safe, and thanks for a wonderful 6 years. <3

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