Paint the Town Red Kickstarter - Funded!
Posted February 17, 2019 at 1:33 pm

Hey, so, I was waiting to announce this Kickstarter on the site here on Monday, but then it?? Funded?? S-SO WOW.

The Kickstarter launched on Thursday and now that it's funded you're guaranteed the book from us! Paint the Town Red is a comic project near and dear to my heart and I can't wait to get it to you. In the words from the Kickstarter page:

Paint The Town Red is a noir-inspired rom-com about monster babes (of the more femme persuasion) who kiss, date and have dramatic pasts, presents and futures!  Paint the Town Red includes traditional favourite monsters: vampires, werewolves and demons all learning to try and co-exist with one another. This particular Volume follows the life of Winona "Winny" Barlowe as she comes to terms with her new life as a werewolf.  She is taken under the wing of Odile Brady, a seasoned werewolf themself, and the two maintain a shelter for wayward werewolves.  One night, however, they two are faced with a new dilemma, a lost and wounded vampire in need of shelter...

Check out the Kickstarter here!

The Kickstarter will run until March 7th, and we have some really cool stretch goals planned.

In some good Sanity Circus news: things are going pretty on schedule for me, so getting back to SanCirc in April is looking much more likely! Granted as long as nothing goes awry, which is always a possibility, but I'm optimistic. I've been looking forward to drawing this chapter since the very beginning.

Thanks as always for reading! You all are the best.

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