Guest Art - Chapter 1 by PunkOz
Posted April 17, 2019 at 11:05 am

SO--I mentioned coming back with chapter 20 in April... unfortunately that won't be happening. It was entirely possible, but the issue I ran into was that I have a string of conventions coming up, leaving me unable to work on the comic at those times. Which would mean I would either have to space out updates a lot, or take another little hiatus in between the chapter. I don't want to do either of those things, because I feel this chapter reads much better all together. Which means updates won't be back until the end of May/June. I'm so sorry for the long wait and appreciate all your patience so much, I hope you will all understand.

I'm so thankful in the meantime, some of my pals have offered to do guest art to help fill the void until then. For the next 10 days you'll get some awesome guest illustrations that were featured in the volume 1 printed book, followed by new guest art and comics! I wanna thank them so so much.

This one was done by my pal Punkie! The illustrations in the volume 1 book serve as extra chapter covers, so this one was for chapter 1! You can find Punkie's work on her website here (her style is SO GOOD I recommend it!)

Finally, as I mentioned cons, here's a briefing on where I'm gonna be in case any of you are attending too:

  • Calgary Expo April 25-28
  • TCAF (Toronto) May 11-12
  • VanCAF (Vancouver) May 18-19
  • MCAF (Montreal) May 24-26

If you're going feel free to say hi! Thank you all so much again for your patience.

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