Chapter 17 - Page 25
Posted June 20, 2018 at 5:26 pm
HELLO I hope you all like SanCirc's new home! And welcome new people too! This comic has been my baby for the past four years so it's so nice to see it get its own place. I hope you enjoy the comic too! For those of you who read it elsewhere before, I recommend maybe going through a reread, since I've tweaked a lot of the old pages and changed all the speech bubbles. IF YOU WANT, of course.

Currently I've just finished basically moving across the country, which is fun but definitely time consuming and I'm just now getting back into a groove. My plan to is to start up chapter 18 in August. Until then, thanks for stopping by! And if any of you are in the Montreal area, I'm gonna be at the Montreal Comiccon in a few weeks at table 2206. Feel free to say hi!
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